School Vacation Care Nowra - Spring 2013

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2013 SPRING – School Vacation Care at Nowra
23 September 2013 – 4 October 2013

Welcome to Kids Korner Vacation Care. Our program for spring is packed full of great activities for outside and inside, as usual our craft schedule is fantastic.

We have a great line up of EXCURSIONS too. Please ensure you read our program below checking departure times for each excursion, we cannot wait for children running late. Kids Korner will be transporting to and from each excursion with our own Kids Korner buses.

REMEMBER on Excursion DAYS, all children must wear Shoes and Socks. No shoes? your child will be excluded due to safety, they must have a hat and most importantly a DRINK. Children are attending Kids Korner without a drink, please make sure parents your child has a drink in preferably, a refillable drink bottle.

What to bring along each day: Morning Tea, Lunch, Afternoon Tea + snacks and fruit & a Refillable Drink Bottle. Kids Korner opens daily from 7am and closes at 6pm. Children need to be signed in and out each day with staff acknowledging their arrival and departure.

Check notice boards for important additional information.

Kids Korner Vacation Care cost per day per child $53. Excursions are an additional cost. Kids Korner is an Approved service offering Child Care Benefit and the Child Care Tax Rebate.

PDF documents with more information:

(please click on title to open document in new browser tab)

Vacation Care Booking Form

Please note if you are a new family to Kids Korner Nowra – A full enrolment procedure is necessary to proceed with this enrolment – you will not be able to use this form, please contact the office.

Kids Korner Vacation Care Program – Spring 2013


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