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17 September 2012, Comments Comments Off on Kids Korner Child Care Centre, Nowra, Spring NEWS


Kids Korner have once again planned a fabulous holiday program for all children to enjoy over the Spring break.

Mobile Phone usage for children is not permitted. Kids Korner, Nowra, have a new policy and procedure for children in possession of mobile phones at Kids Korner. Any child in possession of a mobile phone will have it confiscated and their parent/guardian contacted to collect their child from Kids Korner immediately. Child Protection is of the highest regard at Kids Korner.


Great lineup of inside, outside and out and about activities for all children to enjoy. Please see our full program. DEPARTURE TIMES ARRIVAL TIMES for excursions always check regularly. We have lots and lots of craft happening each day and we would like to introduce our new CREATIVE CRAFT CORNER. Every day the craft corner will be set up for children to come and go as they please.


We encourage children not to bring along any precious item that may attract other childrens attention. The temptation can sometimes be toooooo much. We have had very upset children in the past when things go missing, these are not the responsibility of Kids Korner Staff. Children are best to leave them at home. Please discuss this with your child.

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